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Proper preparation will make the difference between a successful turnaround and a failure. While turnarounds are so critical to a plant reliability, and therefore the company’s profitability, it is amazing how many difficulties organisations have in planning and executing them properly.

About the course

Cost Engineering Academy’s Turnaround Management and Control Course combines knowledge and experience in one interactive package to help you and your organization improve your skills and techniques to better manage and control shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs). Get to know other experts and deepen or broaden your knowledge about this exciting field.

Cost Engineering Academy aims to familiarize you with the methods you can use immediately after the course. As the part of the interactive sessions, you will be given case studies based on the real project situations that need to be solved in groups. These cases will allow you to put the knowledge you have just gained into practice.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course, you will have gained knowledge about:

  • The phases and processes of a turnaround.
  • How to plan for cost, time, safety and quality and prevent common pitfalls.
  • About all aspects of turnaround project controls.
  • The processes and techniques, supported by realistic case studies.
  • To be ready to directly apply what they have learned during their next turnaround.
  • An overview of the latest digital techniques for managing turnarounds from the field.
Our Clients

The Cost Engineering Academy is trusted by many industry leaders, such as:

This course is suitable for everyone who is part of any team that executes industrial turnarounds. The course content, practical exercises and cases are focused on the process industry. This typically includes (petro) chemical, power, mining, food, pharmaceutical, waste, etc.

This course is aimed at:

  • Turnaround/shutdown manager;
  • Plant/Site manager;
  • Project/ maintenance managers and engineer;
  • Finance executive/manager;
  • Cost engineer;
  • Work planner;
  • Cost estimator;
  • Contract manager;
  • Scheduler;
  • Cost controller;
  • Risk manager;
  • O&M Supervisors/staff;
  • Members of the purchase department;
  • Members of a tendering team;
  • Members of a turnaround team;


Basic understanding of projects, maintenance or turnarounds. A technical background helps interpretate and translate the information to practice.

Course Program

The course program is split between understanding and managing turnaround phases, and the means to control them:

Turnaround phases
  • Phase 1: Turnaround initiation
    • Long range planning
    • Defining strategy and objectives
    • Set up turnaround organization
  • Phase 2: Scoping
    • Collecting turnaround scope
    • Risk-based work selection
    • Scope management process
  • Phase 3: Planning
    • Breakdown scope into work packs
    • Optimize hands on tool time
    • Estimating cost and hours
    • Tendering process & contracting strategies
  • Phase 4: Scheduling
    • Prepare execution schedule
    • Ghant charts & CPM techniques
    • Integrating contractor schedules
    • Facility management
  • Phase 5: Execution
    • Decommissioning & shutdown
    • Tracking and monitoring execution
    • Safety and quality management
    • Scope and progress management
    • Digital strategies for real-time monitoring
    • Commissioning & startup
  • Phase 6: Close out
    • Capture lessons learned
    • Analyzing turnaround effectiveness
    • Benchmarking & data capturing
Turnaround project controls:
  • Turnaround economics: Economic impact of turnarounds
  • Estimating & budgeting
    • Estimating types through the turnaround lifecycle
    • Allowances and contingency
    • Common issues in budgeting
  • Contract management & tendering
    • Contracting strategies
    • Contractor evaluation and selection
  • Scheduling
    • Long range planning
    • Milestone schedules
    • Critical path method
    • Resource management
  • Cost control
    • Setting up a baseline for control
    • Earned value management & forecasting
  • Progress management
    • Progress measurement techniques
    • Monitoring the preparation and execution phases
  • Change management
    • Scope change management
    • Field change management
  • Benchmarking
    • Data analytics
    • Typical benchmarks for turnarounds
  • System integration
    • Setting up an integrated turnaround management process
    • Transition to digital solutions

During the course, various interactive case studies will be given that need to be solved in groups.

Download the course program here.


The Turnaround Management & Control course is offered in classroom format, hosted from our headquarters in the Netherlands (city of Zwijndrecht). The price is per participant is as follows:

Subscription price: €4000.-

Please contact us in case you want to subscribe a group, or organize this course in-house at your premises.


Yes, you will receive a digital certificate of completion which is easy to store and share on platforms like LinkedIn.

We offer the Turnaround Management & Control course in classroom format, unless communicated otherwise.

In case of unforeseen events, online participation may be possible to arrange.