About Cost Engineering Academy

With over 25 years of project cost management experience, Cost Engineering extended its consultancy and software services with a training program. Cost Engineering Academy teaches engineering professionals about several aspects of project controls and turnaround management.

Officially certified, globally recognized

Cost Engineering Academy is an AACEI Approved Education Provider. This means we are qualified to prepare you for the internationally recognized AACEI certification exams.

Off-the-shelf & customized courses

We invite you to our courses at the Cost Engineering office in The Netherlands, easily reached from Amsterdam Schiphol airport by public transportation. Here you will learn about project cost management with professionals from other organizations and fields.

Cost Engineering Academy also acknowledges that sometimes it is better to challenge professionals in the context of their own organization. By assessing your organization’s needs and projects, we ensure your customized course closes the gap between classroom practice and the day-to-day realities of your organization.

Our courses are now also available as Live Virtual Course and E-learning. You will learn from real-world cost engineering practitioners in the comfort of your home or office. Learn more about the online learning experience.

Meet the Instructors

Learn from experienced and certified cost estimators, cost controllers, and turnaround experts.

Our experts help you boost your project controls skills and prepare you for the next level in your career. So, are you ready to learn from the knowledge and experience of our experts? Meet the instructors.

Contact the Academy

Based on your needs, we will customize our courses to your company requirements. Feel free to request an in-house training.

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