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About the course

Cost engineering is a mix of several disciplines. A good cost engineer is a technician at heart, but one who can dissect a project into stages. The art of cost engineering is assigning value to that which has been or will be engineered. The certification course will teach you the techniques of estimating, planning and cost control for the various stages of a project. Having this knowledge will kick-start your career in the industry.

The certification course follows the international standards set by the international organization of cost engineers, the AACEI. Being granted the title of Approved Educational Provider (AEP) by the AACEI, Cost Engineering allows you to take the necessary steps towards becoming a Certified Cost Professional (CCP). For more information on CCP, please visit the AACEI website. This course is also available as Live Virtual Course. Learn more about the online learning experience.

What you’ll learn

  • The Cost Engineering certification course prepares you for the CCT or CCP exam of the AACE.
  • You can become a CCP within five months.
  • Write a paper according to AACE’s standards.
Our Clients

The Cost Engineering Academy is trusted by many industry leaders, such as:

This course is aimed at:

  • Graduate engineer (Bachelor / Master);
  • Cost controller;
  • Project engineer;
  • Cost estimator;
  • Junior project manager;
  • Junior project cost engineer;
  • Discipline leads;
  • Members of the purchase department;
  • Members of a tendering team;
  • Work preparators;
  • All who are involved in technical projects, cost estimation, cost control and planning and contract review in their organizations.

At least 8 years of professional experience. Of those 8 years, 4 years of appropriate college-level academic education are accepted.


The total CCP program consists of an interactive classroom training, complemented by 2 personal course days and expert guidance.

The classroom sessions are shared with the CCT program and take place on the scheduled dates. The 2 personal days are scheduled individually per participant and is typically done some time after the classroom sessions, to give the student time to prepare. During these sessions, you will be guided in writing a techical paper, and prepare for the exam. These 2 days can be broken down into multple smaller online calls if preferred.


The classroom part of the course is split into 3 separate sessions, of each 3 days, to allow for studying time in between:

Session 1:

  • The Role of the Cost Engineer
  • Total Cost Management Framework
  • Cost Estimating Methodologies and Classifications
  • An Introduction to Statistics, Economics and Finance

Session 2:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Cost Control and Progress Measurement
  • Cost Engineering Fundamentals within Project Management
  • Cost-, Quality-, and Value Management

Session 3:

  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Comprehensive Cost Engineering Skills and Knowledge Case Study
  • Exam Preparation

If you have any questions regarding the study program, or need help choosing the right option, we are happy to help you out.


The CCP Certification Course is offered in two different course formats. The prices for the different course formats are:

Classroom Course €7.310,-
Live Virtual Course €7.310,-

Learn more about our Live Virtual Courses.


Yes, for the CCP Certification Course you will receive an AACEI accredited certification.

Generally, those seeking CCT certification represent early-career, young professionals who have not yet achieved the requisite years of experience needed to become a Certified Cost Professional (CCP). If you have sufficient experience, you might be interested in taking the CCP Course. After obtaining your CCT certification, you will need to follow the two CCP-specific days, write a paper and take the CCP exam.

We offer the CCP Certification Course in two different formats:

Classroom Course
Classroom course at Cost Engineering office in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands or at a location of your choice.

Live Virtual Course
An online live classroom setting in which you will be able to engage with the instructor and the rest of the learners. Learn more about our Live Virtual Courses.

The quality of the course and the efficiency of the participation don’t change with the course format. We ensure that we keep all courses at the same, high quality level of Cost Engineering Academy. The prices for the different course formats are:

Classroom Course €7.310,-
Live Virtual Course €7.310,-

Payment will need to be completed before attending the course.

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