Project Controls in 1 Minute

Mini Courses on YouTube

For simply explained complex topics, check out the video series Project Controls in 1 Minute. You can learn how to manage the budget when scope manages, the added value of EVM, pitfalls in project benchmarking, and more.

These mini courses are presented by Elmer Sachteleben, the head of Cost Engineering Academy.

How to manage the budget when scope changes

Session 1

How well you can adjust your budget to a scope change depends on how well you budgeted the project in the first place. Watch the video to know 3 tips to manage your budget.

What are common pitfalls in benchmarking

Session 2

Project benchmarking helps you compare project performances and maximize profit. Are you already benchmarking your projects? More importantly, are you doing it right?

What is Earned Value Management & Why do you need it

Session 3

In an EVM system, the schedule integrates all the cost and schedule and technical aspects of the work, resulting in the expected sequence of work. Watch the video to learn more about EVM.

Are your Project Controls skills up-to-date & relevant?

Session 4

Project Controls is ever-revolving field and nowadays it is more critical to stay up-to-date. Watch the video to learn about the 3 ways to keep your skills current.

What Key Factor affects the future of Project Controls

session 5

If you are interested to know about the next big thing in project controls, then watch the video to know about the critical factor for your project controls.

Why is Excel not good enough for doing Project Controls

Session 6

Excel is still the most used tool in every industry but why is it not good enough to perform project controls. Watch the video to know more about it.